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In your world, is selling your house a last-minute thought? Well, we can step up if that is the case.
But, what about two years…one year…six months ahead of an expected sale?

You might be surprised to learn, that Realtor Heather MacDonald will start early when it comes to selling your property. We are unique and able to show you that working with Migrate Home early in the process of house selling and buying is where success and profit are found.

You get a custom-tailored plan and process – you are the winner! The right team, in place at the beginning, will connect all your transactions – sale of the current home, purchase, and/or rental of the next home.

How good will that feel? Our clients will tell you it feels amazing! Our support always starts with a Consultation where we learn about what it is you are trying to accomplish, your concerns and opportunities.

Team HeatherMac is more than your Realtors of excellence.  Heather MacDonald specializes in the bigger picture and time.  Heather becomes a key decision partner.

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