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Downsizing Thoughts

If downsizing has been on your mind, are you struggling with where to begin?

These thoughts are normal.

However, before jumping on the first opportunity you see, let Migrate Home help you determine your best option. Our team of experts will make your journey more attainable by providing exceptional support throughout the long decision period.

Our support always starts with a Consultation where we learn about what it is you are trying to accomplish, your concerns and opportunities. From there we ask you – where next?

We navigate the tricky conversations that arise with you and your family by providing timely information and insights that help you settle on a destination and style of home. Whether you’d prefer a shiny new build in the pre-construction stage (we have a team member who specializes in this area and gets first pick special deals from builders) or a condo with a joint garden to help cultivate, Migrate Home will ensure your destination’s journey ends successfully.

Team HeatherMac is more than your Realtor of excellence.  Heather MacDonald specializes in the bigger picture and time.  She becomes a Decision Partner.

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