Simply Real Estate


Does it feel like technology has all your answers? Apps and robots contact you when homes are for sale in your neighbourhood and text you about the latest sales stats. Although they are quick – apps and robots have no clue about YOU.

Bots and Apps for real estate can not understand everything about you and the situation you would buy in to – you are only presented with products. This could be your biggest lifetime expenditure. Why not fully empower yourself?

Behind every HOUSE FOR SALE are property conditions, location considerations, property legalities, etc. that could either positively or negatively affect your plans. In addition to these considerations are the other people involved in these transactions who, generally, are only looking out for themselves. It would be empowering to know our investment in you means we have your back at every step of the journey. Right?

We understand the hidden complexities of buying a home that fits your lifestyle and protects you now and, in the future, – that’s our game – we know all the moves. We are the experts in your corner that care about fit, financial and legal success, and the overall professional buying experience.

Our support always starts with a Consultation where we learn about what it is you are trying to accomplish, your concerns and opportunities.

Team HeatherMac is more than your Realtor of excellence. This is a PEOPLE business, and Team HeatherMAC is powered by great people.

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