Digital Literacy for Seniors

by | Dec 21, 2020


Recently in my quest to add great services to the Migrate Home network of professionals, I met Chris Bint at Tech Coaches.  Old school ways of living our daily lives are fast morphing into the new school ways.  In the Year 2020, we saw technology adoption accelerate at an unprecedented pace.

After all, if you did not learn to use Facetime, or Zoom, or WhatsApp you didn’t get to connect – Grandchildren to Grandparents and Grandparents to Grandchildren, grocery delivery, and more!  And what about your other passions?

Are you a voracious learner?  Simply enjoy solving curiosities? Like to get things done efficiently? Share and discuss your interests with other people? Explore the world?

All the things that have been your fondest hobbies, soulful retreats in different pastimes, talking to people, or joys of productivity – they can be found digitally.

And to keep enjoying your passions, and make daily life easy instead of hard, it is important to be digitally literate.  Life is digital these days, so participation (instead of stagnation) requires a little effort and you will be greatly rewarded!

♥♥♥Are you a gardener and a world explorer?  Check out this adventure – 8 Virtual Garden Tours from Around the World

Do you enjoy, or make, teddy bears and dolls?  Check out the Virtual Doll Convention

Are you a wood crafter, or love to see what others have created?  Check out the Virtual Craft Show – Woodworker special

Let the professionals teach you how to find and enjoy your passions, and get things done in today’s world.  Chris Bint of Tech Coaches has some upcoming webinars that are a perfect follow up to that piece of technology you just received – or the one from last year that you are too frustrated with, to open and use. You need to know, you are not alone!  Learn to use your “technology device” to get more out of life!


Would you like to boost your digital literacy – or help someone you love and care for that needs a boost?  Technology success can be yours through TECK TALKS.  Free monthly webinars hosted by Tech CoachesPLUS, Tech Coaches is hosting two special webinar events in January – a must-do for you!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

CLICK HERE…to download his flyer for Caregiver Webinar with AS York – January 2021 In partnership with the Alzheimer Society – York Region.  This is a two-part series on January 13th and 20th. With real demonstrations and real-world examples, we will explore technologies that enhance health, self-care, and social support networks online.  LINK to Register and participate.

CLICK HERE… to download his flyer for TechCoaches – iPhone and iPad course – January 2021.  A five-week, one-hour class weekly starting on January 7, 2021.  Only $50 + tax for the entire session!  This experience is designed to teach new users the “ins and outs” of an Apple iPad or iPhone.  Tech Coach wants you to feel comfortable and confident using your devices.  10 participants maximum so register now.  SEND EMAIL to melinda@techcoaches.ca  OR call me if you need help registering for the iPad / iPhone course.  905-271-5135

Heather MacDonald

Heather MacDonald

Heather comes to the business of real estate & relocation, 12 years now, with a background in finance, marketing, coaching sports, and a specialty in innovation and service design.
So it’s no surprise she designed her real estate services in a unique, and maybe unprecedented way.
The Migrate Home Program complements her holistic view of quality real estate services.
Originally from BC, she has packed up and moved around enough to really appreciate change, loss, and new beginnings.