Showings & Offers UP!

by | Jun 23, 2020

We are privileged to have the best partners, who stepped up in real time to produce these activity reports weekly during the pandemic.  BrokerBay handles all our showing appointments, offer registration, and listing registry for our Keller Williams brokerage.  It is an expensive system for the backroom of our business, yet worth every penny in terms of efficiency and ultimately customer experiences too!

The have been marking weekly the real time activity of listings, showings, and offers.  This weeks video is particularly interesting as we climb into a accelerated activity in the market.  This has been an excellent report because it has no lag – whereas we wait over a month to get our market statistics for sales in the community.  Now these stats in the video represent only the population of brokerages subscribed to the BrokerBay service.  However, this is a solid representation of activity in the market place.  This is our moment people – this is a very positive period of time.

Following real time activity in the market is how I interpret and forecast, and now this is a tool I use to validate my findings as work in the market every day.  Call me to talk about your situation, and ask your questions.  I am happy to help you keep on top of your real estate investment – I am happy to share my expertise.

Heather MacDonald

Heather MacDonald

Heather comes to the business of real estate & relocation, 12 years now, with a background in finance, marketing, coaching sports, and a specialty in innovation and service design.
So it’s no surprise she designed her real estate services in a unique, and maybe unprecedented way.
The Migrate Home Program complements her holistic view of quality real estate services.
Originally from BC, she has packed up and moved around enough to really appreciate change, loss, and new beginnings.