Heather MacDonald

“…when the situation is complex, part of my art is creating simple or solving complex…”

It may be said at the end of the day that all the REALTORS® on the Migrate team are different – at least different in context of the industry norm.  It is very fair to say I came into this industry with skills and an attitude that are not the norm.

Migrate is a group that I founded in response to many things…some are basic… like needs of people relocating their lives, and the value of matching their needs with our skills.  In the context of real estate the more intangible vision I have is that our efforts will make a catalytic mark on the level of professionalism and consumer perceptions.

I’ve found over the years that there are many “one man centers of excellence”.  People who deliver a service with skill and passion that can truly be considered “the best of the best”.  These people rarely see the spotlight, and not enough customers get to experience them.  All the people that belong to Migrate are such people – they collaborate here as individual professionals to deliver services to our clients, and work with like-minded professionals.

I am one of the REALTORS® -  so my job is to buy and sell property with you.  I am also one who really listens to you so I get it right.

I come to this profession with a deep background in business strategy, critical thinking, foresight, and a passion for matching lifestyle needs. I define my work by your needs.  I deliver the big picture and the details. I have your back – always. I care about you.