Organize Your Move AND Inspire Your Kids

Migrate Home Relocation Team“But mom, I don’t want to move, all my friends are here,” says Marty.

Marty’s mom, Karen knows migrating across the country is a challenge on a lot of fronts, but this move means better long range choices. But how to make their 10 year old understand? “I’ve got some ideas we can work on together to make packing fun for you,” she says holding his hand, “So let’s check out your room and I can show you what I mean.”

When they walk into Marty’s room, Karen can feel her young son’s hand shake and quake with fear and frustration – just thinking about the move. She puts her arms around his shoulders, bends down, looks into his eyes and says, “Here is what we are going to do….”

They sit in the middle of the room surrounded by Marty’s toy box and begin to sort out who would go with him in his Survival Kit for the few days in the hotel. As they work together Marty tells stories about his bear, his pterodactyl – both going with him – and the magnet levitation kit and the Perplexus – Epic that would not. Then they go to the garage, pick out the boxes Marty thinks will work best, comes back and Karen watches as he labels his boxes with colors and pictures so that he will know which boxes are his.

She looks at all his art on his wall and gets her camera. She remembers what she did to downsize her own move. Happy that he helps out, Marty selects the 4 murals he did for Science. “I want to take these ones, mom,” he says. “Then let’s take a picture of the rest so you can always have them – maybe as one big poster in your new room!”

Contributed by Limor Friedman, Vancouver in the Box