Moving Mortgages – 3,000 km Away

Migrate Home Relocation TeamBev and Garnet had been working in Toronto for 15 years and were proud of how their combined determination got them their first home. But with both sets of parents getting older with severe ailments, they knew they wanted to be closer to them in Vancouver.

Bevʼs mother had developed Parkinson’s and was recovering from cancer. Garnet’s dad had Alzheimer’s and his wife was recuperating with debilitating arthritis.

Family came first to Bev and her husband. More important, the two of them were so skilled in their jobs that when they first ventured into the realm of what would happen if we could get a job in Vancouver – just to see what would happen…they did. But they didn’t want to make the same mistakes moving to the coast that their friends did.

Two of their pals had graduated with them from the University of Toronto. But Karen and Josh were tired of the weary weather in Ontario, wanting Whistler adventures instead. They wanted to live the dream: playing tennis in the morning before work. It was always only the best for those two. They decided they would only live in the most prestigious part of the city, at great cost.

Bev knew you could still make a good profit in Toronto, sometimes 95 – 98% of the asking price. But they also knew from their parents and friends that Vancouver’s housing market was slower, more difficult. Prices were still very high. The challenge would be to find something they liked, without involving a three hour commute for work. They talked it over and discovered that living in Langley, Surrey or White Rock was something they could do.

Contributed by Jacob Sneg, Covengo Mortgages