Migrating House to House – Country to Country

Migrate Home Relocation TeamWhen Sarah and her husband talked about joining his cousins in Toronto to start a new life – it was just too much to contemplate for Sarah at first. How would they be able to function in Canadian culture? What about their house in Israel? How could they use their mortgage as a tool to buy a new home? She didn’t know where to start. But David trusted her to do the research to find out.

Research, she knew about. After several years working as a consultant in the medical industry, she knew there was a specific psychology to starting over. She was looking for that: not just this leaping from one place to another, one country to another, but a goal, a set plan, a direction. Was she asking too much?

They both knew, it wasn’t “just a house” they were looking for either. Now in their forties, they needed to conserve wealth for the future, and if possible put into structure something their teenage children could rely on for the next generation of their family. For starters, she told David they should think about making a sacrifice before they even left the country. Sarah was prepared to ship to Canada only what they needed.

The new hospital contracts in Toronto were exciting, yes; the career advance for both of them would grant them much more financial autonomy. But, she told him they needed to taste this new lifestyle first. They would take another look at the situation after a year in their new home, their new country.

Weeks later, she told David that now she knew what they needed. Someone who would see their new life as they did, and help them manage their future as an investment.

Contributed by Rinat Sneg, Covengo Mortgages