Facilitate Your Elders – Partner in their Journey

Migrate Home Relocation TeamMargaret looked outside the window to gaze at her very own English garden. She and her husband had coaxed, weeded and sculpted it over the last twenty-five years. But now, that he had died; it was all too much work. Something had to change.

Her daughter asked her so many times what she was going to do with Grandma’s china in the basement and Dad’s fishing gear in the attic, Margaret would just turn on the TV to distract herself from deciding. It was too depressing.

But something changed that last visit to see her daughter in Vancouver. She kind of liked the new guest house in the back. She could walk to the cozy neighborhood market She could have her own deck to look out over a new yard to garden. BUT there was so much of everything everywhere just where she was – where would she start? How could she do it all?

It seemed that it was not just about having the help. It was more about getting to the gut decision to just move forward. She remembered watching her friend Doris who had left it all too late. Her neighbor for 30 years developed dementia. Suddenly her daughter had to fly in from the United States to deal with it all. It was heartbreaking to watch Doris in such an emotional muddle.

Then one night Margaret’s ambiguous feelings opened up into what if…She opened the drawer to her husband’s desk. Sometimes re-reading his diary was a comfort. She wanted to hear his words in her heart. And there it was, out of the blue. Tucked and hidden in the back, a card from her daughter from years before; his handwriting in bold script at the top of it. “Tell Margaret…let’s move there.”

Contributed by Laurie Bell, Moving Seniors with a Smile Inc.