Consider Your Pets – Before and After

Migrate Home Relocation TeamWhen Ted got the news that he and Fran would be relocating 2,000 miles away, she began to fret about what would happen to Tolstoy, their Mastiff and Moose, their Standard Poodle. They loved their dogs. They were not just family. They had somehow turned into their children after their own kids left for university.

But now, with this all important company move…. Their family of five had grown up with and owned several breeds over several decades. There was the Great Dane, various Retrievers, and Collies in the mix and one Bernese mountain dog. But Ted and Fran had never had to make such an extensive, stress filled move before; and neither had their dogs.

The leg trip had been made to locate the new home. They had talked it all out with their mortgage broker. Finances were set. The movers had been contacted. A date was circled for departure. The only reason it took Fran some time to figure out how to plan and execute travel for their doggie best friends was because it seemed like both dogs knew something was up. When you think about it, she thought, how could they not? When you care about our animals, you walk with them three times a day, cuddle and cook for them and they sleep by your side – it is almost like they do talk to you. It’s a natural, compassionate response to do the right thing.

And Fran was able to do just that. She arranged for cousins to take care of their pets for the three days before during and after the house was packed. Then after all the arrangements had been made at the airport for transfer across the country she could relax. Tolstoy and Moose were going to be fine.