Choosing a Moving Company

Migrate Home Relocation TeamThe physical move looks like a straight line and simple, and certainly professionals can make it look that way.

Limor Friedman of Vancouver in the Box pulls a few tips from her tool kit and shares them here.

Start by researching moving companies that provide overseas/long distance moves. Usually they are aligned with a large worldwide company and act as an agent in your area.

Here are 7 tips or things to be aware of as you plan your move, and start the research yourself or are working with a partner.

  1. The estimate: Do not close a deal over the phone. Always ask for an onsite estimate. You want to get a written quote that reflects your personal shipment. You also want to be able to learn about the company.
  2. Insurance: are you fully covered? Did you know that hiring professional packers will save you up to 50% in the insurance fees? If you do hire packers make sure the moving company knows that.
  3. Know what you are paying for: Do not look for the cheapest price. Shipping companies have a similar pricing.  If something sounds too low to be true, it’s probably too good to be true. They may estimate it too low to get the job, but at the end you may have to pay high price for some basic materials, or simply don’t get the service you were expecting to get.
  4. Door to door or door to port: Will the shipment will be Door to Door- from your current location to your new home? Or maybe Door to Airport.  What if you don’t have a new location yet? Do they have a storage solution for you?
  5. Loading/unloading: Does the company provide labour to load your belongings, or do you need to hire another company to load. If you only have few boxes, asking about loading and unloading may save you money. 
  6. If moving between countries, are you going to have an agent waiting for you on the other side and helping you with the customs clearance? That’s very important.  These agents know how to deal with problems and process – you are too new to this country.
  7. Storage solutions – what if you will not find your dream home and your belonging will arrive too early? Does this company have a storage solution for you and what will be the cost?

Limor Friedman, Vancouver in the Box