We always thought the “sex talk” was a challenge.  Maybe so, but talking to our parents and elder friends about their life changes as adults trumps the sex in spades! It’s a sensitive yet very real matter of import – you have to find a way, just like they did when cornering you about sex, [...]



The physical move looks like a straight line and simple, and certainly professionals can make it look that way. Limor Friedman of Vancouver in the Box pulls a few tips from her tool kit and shares them here. Start by researching moving companies that provide overseas/long distance moves. Usually they are aligned with a large [...]



When Ted got the news that he and Fran would be relocating 2,000 miles away, she began to fret about what would happen to Tolstoy, their Mastiff and Moose, their Standard Poodle. They loved their dogs. They were not just family.