Who we are

We are a select group of individual professionals; the “best of the best” in our respective field of practice. We are people invested in doing the job right. We care. It is that simple.

The question for us was how to extend our reach on your behalf. How does one make the right referrals – find the right person for the job in the new city? The answer was simply to find each other. To find the people with like minds, calibre of skill and dedication to the client experience.

Through team leadership, trust, collaboration and communication we can and do achieve great things. Separated by great distance, but supported by technology and our will to serve, each professional in each city stands ready to receive you.

Our team grows every day, slowly by careful selection. Not sure if we have feet on the ground in your city? Simple – ask us.

What we do

Our gift to you will be the ability to simplify the complex and purge the stress. We relocate home, family, and lifestyle with you – hand in hand. End to end. To migrate distance we prepare, move, and settle people in the new community.

We plan, do, and trouble shoot our way across land and sea. Each type of support you need to relocate, we provide. We are masters at coordinating our group effort on your behalf. Team communication – that includes you – has priority. When you leave a city, that part of our team follows your migration path and remains on the team until you are settled. Our commitment is to stick with you and get it done right.

You can shake the box bearing this gift, but personal experience is the best because it is your story.

Why we do it

There is always a reason why...

First, for each of us this is our profession, our work, our challenge, and our pay check. With such important reasons we take our commitments seriously.

For each our commitment is to the client, and the benefit to that client and their family. We benefit from our client’s success not just because we get paid. With each unique family story, the Migrate Stamp of Success tells us something we could not get individually. What we get is proof that collectively the “best of the best” can span great distances and still make good on such a high standard of client care.

To be an Affiliate of this group a professional must meet very specific qualitative, philosophical, and ethical standards. We are invested in doing the job right. We care. It is that simple.